Home Sweet Home

The Dream Drive boys have reached Phoenix in one piece!!! My mind is dead in the waterů One of my favorite things to say to Zach has been, " Soak it up like a sponge."  We've had so many sponge moments on our adventure.  My sponge is full. We made it!!!!!  The diciest part of the drive is done!!  We made it back to Casa Corcoran without so much as a scratch. Friends, Matt and Frieda saw our car on the freeway and followed us home. Deb and the kids put a "Welcome Home Dream Drive Boys" banner on the garage.   
   We arrived at 5:30 PM from Denver.  It was the longest 850 miles of the drive. It was 56 days ago that we left our little home.  We covered exactly 14,825 miles and did not miss a city!!!  I'll do a complete wrap up after our final game tomorrow night at the BOB.  It's just great to be home!!!
   Surprise, surprise!!! Deb and the kids were quite busy while we were gone!!!!  She completely re-carpeted the house and replaced the countertops in the kitchen with ceramic tile, as well as repainted the our bedroom!!! Holy smokes, the place looked like a brand new house!!!  I can't believe she did this all on her own.  I love the colors she picked out and everything is so perfect.  Ah...that dream drive luck!!!!  It's not like I don't have confidence in her abilities...That's not it at all.  She was very nervous about whether I would like it or not.  She hit a home run!!! More like a grand slam!!!!  Wowzers!!!!!
   The car is still in the driveway and still packed with our stuff. We have game 30 tomorrow night at the Bank One Ballpark.  We are going over to High Tops on the plaza for a bite to eat at about 4:30.  If you're in town, we would love to see you.  Please join us.  We have to go over to the ballpark around 6PM.  The Dbacks are letting us throw out the first pitch.  Look for our wrap up update on Thursday.  Thank you for following us and for all the emails.     

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