The Drive Continues

   We had a long conversation with Deb and she has assured us that continuing on with the drive is the right thing to do. Joel has encouraged us to go until the end as well. Deb also reported that Joel's surgery needs to be rescheduled for either Friday or Monday.  I'll fill you in when we get a definitive word.
  Now all we have to do is try and get our groove back.  The indecision has left us a little tired and unfocused.    We need a game!!  Actually we need a good supper.
   Zach and I watched the home run contest.  I fell asleep.  Zach woke me to tell me that hometown favorite "Gonzo" won!!!  Very nice!!! 
   More sightseeing on tap for today before we head to Miami. We'll be staying with Tony and Maria, Lisa's parents.  Lisa tells me that her mom is a fantastic cook.  We can't wait.
  I would like to thank everybody who has emailed us kind words.  In every single case the message was the same…"continue the drive".  Your thoughts and prayers are felt.  We are moved that so many people would include us in their  private words with the Lord.
   Now, let's see some baseball.  Our next game is at Pro Player Stadium in Miami on Thursday.  The match up is the Marlins against the Yankees.  It  will be the second time we've seen both teams.   We need to work on the autograph hunt.  The players just don't sign like they used to do. Zach has tried several times with no luck. 
I feel the groove coming back. 

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