Sox Light The Sky

The exploding scoreboard has long been a grand tradition at Comiskey Park in Chicago and the South Siders did not let us down on the warm muggy evening.  The ghost of Bill Veeck breathes life into the spirit and enchantment of this century-old ball club.  Clearly his influence is evident throughout the ballyard and it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you think of his P.T. Barnum type antics.  Some of his grandest innovations are the shower in centerfield and the exploding scoreboard.  But it was Veeck who was the first to understand that the ballpark was for the fans and their families.  He often would say that the fans pay good money and deserve a show. . . . And boy did we get a show as home runs by Mags Ordonez and Jeff Liefer lit up the Chicago sky.  As the Sox held on for a 5-4 victory, the scoreboard exploded once again.

   They say Wrigley Field is "the friendly confines", but the folks at Comiskey were very gracious.  A good time was had by all! Chalk up another home team victory for DreamDrive2001, making us 8 and 3 as we left Chi-town for Cincinnati and tonight's duel with the Brew Crew.

   It was particularly difficult to leave Chicago this morning because it meant the last time Zach and I would see Deb, Heather and Joel for six weeks.  She's such a good lady to us and is a source of inspiration to us whether we are together or miles apart.

   On to tonight's game!



Ouch….. Ouch….I'm sorry, I just pinched myself again….  We are having a blast!!!  We are in Detroit and getting ready to slide over to Cleveland for our game with the Tribe against Twins. So far, our stretch of 6 games in 6 different cities in 6 nights is going exactly as expected.
   We taped a TV commercial yesterday for the Tigers and got paid for it!!!!  You've gotta love it!!!  I was a little hesitant because I've got more of a face made for radio…. But they wanted to do it.  It was our first paid gig!!!  We're living large!!!  Do you think we have to claim the dollar they gave us for the shoot???  It was enough to pay the tax on Zach's Coke…
   Comerica Park is a beautiful park that has been open for less than 2 years. The giant Tiger statues are impressive and an excellent "photo op." An enterprising homeless guy stands by and offers to take pictures with your camera…  OK… it was a buck a picture…  Thank god we did the TV commercial   just minutes before.  Anyway, thanks Herbie!!! 
   The Tigers beat the Yanks 5-2 in a house that was about half full….  The team arranged for comp tickets and we are most grateful… I just didn't know they had "Uker" seats in Detroit.   


   We met a new friend last night...A classy guy who lives down by the river within ear shot of the tugboat captains sounding the baritone foghorns.  A big fella who knows how to entertain all of the folks that visit.  He has a big grassy yard that fills with the aroma of barbeque….His name is Jake...Jacobs Field in Cleveland.  What a palace for America's favorite pastime.
   Our seats were again outstanding.  As per usual the place packed to the gills with rabid Tribe fans who know their baseball in and out.  The Jake became our favorite park, edging out Safeco and Miller.
   We were once again interviewed by Fox Sports in our seats and I could Zach coming more out of is shell. He did an awesome job.
   The game was first delayed by rain in the second inning… My first thought was not disappointment, but elation.  It meant we could stay that much longer at this fine ballyard. After about a half hour delay, the groundskeepers removed the tarp and play resumed.  Our favorite Indians player, Marty Cordova hit a homer just for us!!! Very cool!!!  It started raining again in the 7th inning and another opportunity to explore the place.  This delay went on for nearly 2 hours before the called the game at 11:45.  The Tribe won 9-4.   Now we are on to Pittsburgh for a game against the Expos.  It is raining here in Cleveland now as we prepare to leave.  I hope things dry up for tonight. 

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