June 15th,1:00 PM on Interstate 94
Milwaukee/Chicago Update at 10:00 PM  (Pacific Time Zone)

We loved Minneapolis!!! What a great town. Easy enough to navigate and awesome neighborhoods.  It reminded me of the city in which my Grandmother lived...Cicero. … Very ethnic areas with all of the nationalistic amenities that you would need to keep the family traditions alive. Steve suggested we eat in the Polish hood.  Oh, Steve…  We took on some driving help in Denver. Steve used to be our neighbor back in Glendale and since has moved to the Denver area.  We stayed with he and his wife, Lisa, in Parker,Co.  He had some vacation time to use and jumped at the chance to join us.  He has volunteered to go on to Chicago.  It has been a stroke of Dream Dive luck that he could come along.  It has added a new and unexpected dimension to the adventure….He's a quick wit and also loves Rush Limbaugh. It has also given Zach a time to shine and take some good natured ribbing… Like the time Zach received an email from a 14 year old little girl who saw him on TV.  She wrote,  U R hot!!" and he has not lived it down.  He's love'n the attention. 
Anyway, we ventured into the Polish community and found an authentic Polish restaurant and polka lounge. It was founded by immigrant , Al Nye who has since passed on to that big Kielbasa in the sky. The place still bears his name.  We quickly dubbed him "Al Nye The Polish Guy".   The food at Nye's Polonaise and Polka Lounge was the best we've had on the trip so far.  Zach actually ordered the Golabki…(Stuffed Cabbage).  He loved the stuff!!  I stuck with Polish Sausage and sauerkraut.  Steve went with the Pierogi.  Either way I knew there were going to be gastric emissions well into the day and man was I right!!!  It was regretful that we could not come back for the Friday night polka mosh pit. I am sure it would have been spectacular!!!  After lunch we moseyed over to Kramarczuk's Sausage Factory and Deli.  Another great find!!!  An old style sausage shop with scores of different types of wieners hanging from strings across the window.  It was as if time had stopped at Kramarczuk's. The folks there were very friendly and had us sample a wide variety of their sausage delights. .     
     While in Minnesota we saw 8 different lakes...only 9992 to go…..Do you think that there really are 10,000 lakes in the state??  Who knows?? Maybe that's another trip...to all 10,000 lakes in the Gopher State….Any takers???
     Early on Thursdays morning we did a live interview for channel 3 back in Phoenix.  It went well and we received scores of emails as a result.  We took some great pictures of our yellow Dream Drive mobile on Kirby Puckett Way with Metrodome in the background.  Afterwards the TV crew took us inside and down on the field.  The turf was surprisingly cushy.  It was a treat for Zach and I to be able to stand at homeplate while Steve took our picture.
    The game was great...All baseball games are great.  The Metrodome is just the wrong venue for baseball. The Twins are in first place and yet there were only 15,478 in attendance. The sound system in the dome is quite irritating.  It sounds like a broken Jack In The Box drive thru speaker!!  Twins lost to the Astros 8-3.  Berkman, for the "Stros" hit a late inning "Grand Salami" that sealed the Tweenkies fate for the night. We saw our first bench-clearing scuffle.
     We are in the car now..(Steve is driving while I write) and passing through Madison on our way to Milwaukee. Have yet to see a cow but we did see a cheese stand a few miles back.  Game tonight pits the Brew Crew against KC. After the game we will drive down to my childhood friend and best man at our wedding, Jeff Cumpata's estate in Elgin.  Cubs Saturday afternoon...Ah, Wrigley!!!

Milwaukee: Brats, Baseball and Cheeseheads

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